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Knotty Tamer has been many years in the making!  My own hair would tangle so badly that sometimes it could take hours to remove the knots by hand!  There didn't seem to be any solution that would unravel my hair, I tried it all from professional solutions, home made solutions and every comb and brush that you could imagine....and nothing worked without breaking, pulling, or tugging on my hair, or further compacting my tangles making them worse.

So I knew there had to be a better way, and I created my first prototype which became more fine tuned, and was finally the perfect working tool to be manufactured, and taken to market!  I discovered that fewer, longer bristles were the answer. The newly created Knotty Tamer allowed me to use it in any direction, and apply the correct pressure and proper stroke needed.  Knots and Tangles were removed quickly, with little to no breakage!

I am so proud to offer the Knotty Tamer to you, and I sincerely hope that your hair is easier to manage!  

Pursue your dreams and stay inspired! - Tricia

"Knotty Tamer works like no other detangler!  You simply hold the ball cradled in your fingertips, bristles upward, and backstroke your hair!

No more tugging or pulling on your tresses!"

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