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  • How Does Knotty Tamer work?
    The Knotty Tamer is designed to put you in charge of unraveling your knots and tangles! The design and flex of the Knotty Tamer, allows you to maneuver the bristles at any angle with the right amount of pressure and custom strokes. The bristles move freely and fluidly through the hair, so you can glide in and out of your strands with little tugging or pulling on the hair. *You never start with bristles facing downward, always an upward or parallel starting point. (see videos and practice in the mirror)
  • What makes Knotty Tamer different?
    Unlike a brush or comb, Knotty Tamer does not further compact tangles, and removes knots and tangles with little to no breakage keeping your hair intact. The design allows you to "spot" remove as well as an overall detangler for the whole head! The design of the Knotty Tamer is different, which allows for a 360 degree bristle and angle use in multiple directions.
  • Is it for all hair types
    Knotty Tamer works on most hair types.
  • What if I have extensions?
    Knotty Tamer works amazingly on hair extensions, as it delicately helps to manage knots and tangles, preserving your precious locks! It's also an excellent companion to hair pieces, wigs, natural and synthetic, and may even preserve the life and style of it.
  • Is Knotty Tamer kid friendly?
    Yes, Knotty Tamer is great for kids and they are usually happy to try it, and report that it does not hurt and feels great! Always support the hair as you are using the Knotty Tamer to lessen tugging and aiding in knot removal. *Tip: More frequent trimming of your childs hair may also help to keep the hair more knot and tangle free.
  • Can I use Knotty Tamer on Dry or Wet hair?
    Knotty Tamer was first invented for Dry hair as the inventors hair would tangle right back up after a blow out, weather change, sleeping, activities etc., and it was next to impossible to get them out without damage to the hair! And yes it works on wet hair, for some it will remove all the wet knots and for others it will break up the "netting" that some hair tends to get when wet. It may be your stand alone wet detangler, or a great companion to your other detangler..
  • Does Knotty Tamer work on men's hair?
    It sure does! Once that "man bun" is undone Knotty Tamer will go right to work to remove those knots and tangles! *Tip: Frequent trims will help those ends stay knot free!
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