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Remove knots and tangles quickly with Knotty Tamer

Removes knots and tangles in natural curly, wavy hair, effortlessly and pain free!





Our Patented 360 degree bristle flex is designed to move freely and fluidly through the hair without further compacting your tangles and making them worse, and better yet keeps your hair intact!

​If you have prone to tangle hair such as: wavy, curly, fragile or extensions, then the Knotty Tamer is for you!

An Amazing Detangler

Knotty Tamer looks different because it is different! It's not a brush nor a comb, it's a unique Patented tool designed to remove the most stubborn knots and tangles in:

  • dry hair

  • unwashed hair

  • bed head

  • prone to tangle hair

  • extensions

  • assists with tangles in wet hair

You'll be amazed at how fast and easy Knotty Tamer works without further compacting your tangles!

Learn More Tips and Tangles

Learn how to remove knots and tangles in hair extensions, including taped ins with little to no breakage...
Stay Tuned for More How to Videos to Come Soon....


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