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Thicker, Fuller Hair Even After Covid

Having healthy hair is a good sign of health and youth. And the best hair products out there can only do so much to help if your hair is thinning, falling out and brittle. Good hair starts at the root, and that starts with what you put in your body. Eating a healthy diet is one obvious step in the right direction, but today we are going to highlight "MSM," known as Methylsulfonylmethane.

MSM is a compound found in green plants, animals and humans, and it's fabulous for so many reasons. It is colorless (although it appears white in its crystalline form), tasteless and pretty much odorless. It is widely used to help with joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, rosacea........and skin and HAIR Growth, nails, skin and more. It is stored in every cell in the body and is important to proteins, keratin, collagen, enzymes and even hormones.

The recommended dose to take per day for hair growth is 3 grams. You can easily blend this into any juice, coffee, tea or just water. I personally take 2 grams in the morning and two grams at night (just a wee bit more). MSM can be found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, brussel spouts, kale etc., however supplementing with it can be beneficial.

Hair shedding is normal and some people lose up to 100 plus hairs a day, and some people notice after illness such as Covid, that their falls out a month or two later. This happened to me, and it was hugely concerning as it was falling out in clumps. I did a lot of research and decided to order MSM which I had taken in the past. I decided to take the recommended dose for hair, plus a bit extra. It took about a month, but as the following month went by, each day I noticed less and less shedding. I actually collected all my hair in bags for each month and saw as they big wads were smaller each month, thank God and MSM!

As two more months went by, I was back to my normal shedding rate, and then something magical happened - I hardly had any shedding at all. I always had some kind of shedding, even my boyfriend would remark on my long blonde strands everywhere. I even created a gadget to get my hair off of the floor before I vacuum, and now I am hardly shedding at all, even after I wash it, hardly any hair is in the brush! For Me - this is a miracle. I also noticed it is coming in thick again and hair that was getting thinner, now feels thicker closer to my scalp as it's growing out.

One of the best parts is that MSM is affordable. I recommend any brand that you feel is right for you, however Nutricost sells a 1lb tub for $13.95 on Amazon. You can also buy this in caspsule form, but I found myself just opening them up and putting it in my beverage.

This is just one of many tips and solutions that can help you on your hair journey, but it is one that is worth every penny!

*(We have zero affiliation with Nutricost and no compensation, just sharing a great value, do your own research)


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