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How to Remove Knots and Tangles Painlessly

Perhaps knots and tangles in your hair triggers childhood memories of a brush or comb being pushed through your hair, and you still live with tangled hair into adulthood! Or you have a child who has hard to manage hair and no matter what you seem to use, it still hurts to get those knots out!

I've been there, and was still there as an adult. Conditioning hair helps, even weekly treatments, but depending on the weather, activities and hair texture, these tangles will be back. Smoothing solutions such as serums and oil based or silicone based are effective, yet can leave hair heavily coated, and when hair is washed you may struggle just to comb out the wet knots that feels like you are separating last year's Christmas lights.

Keratin or straightening treatments can definitely make a difference but you may then lose the volume in your hair and it can weigh it down. And while they work, they are not cheap and require time to go in and have the service. This may be a great option for you, however it needs to be repeated.

Brushes and combs often tend to compact tangles and make them worse as your are essentially putting the tool in your hair and pulling straight down. Once the tangle has been move and compacted, your ends will take the beating of the final removal, and you will have sacrificed your own hair to get the knot or tangle out.

Knotty Tamer is a hot new tool that was invented to solve the dilemma of knot and tangle removal with no tugging, no pulling, and little to no breakage! It is a total game changer that works completely different than any tool on the market. It's patented design has fewer bristles, longer bristles, and a 360 degree bristle flex that is gentle yet means business. You can use it in multiple directions and start wherever the knot or tangle is. It is so gentle and effective that it even glides right over and through extensions of any kind, and will even help prolong the condition of your extensions or hair piece.

Knotty Tamer was first designed to be used on dry hair, and it works fast, especially on the knots underneath and in the back of the neck. However, it was discovered that it helps separate matted wet hair as well. It is the perfect stand alone tool, or to be used in conjunction with another tool once the knots are removed. Kids love Knotty Tamer because it does not hurt and that makes it mom approved. #hair #knots #tangles #extensions #kidshair #brush #comb #momapproved #tangled #salon


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